Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thanks Dee

My dear friend Dee gave me this blog award recently and I completely spaced posting it, so I am doing it now. I am so appreciative of her acknowledging me because to be honest I don't think I'm that good at this card stuff. LOL.

This is what Miss Dee had to say about me.
Jessica - who is such a fun gal!! I just had the chance to meet her near her hometown and she took me to her favorite stamping shops and we enjoyed a nice cup of coffee on such a pretty day! I'm so glad we got a chance to meet and I look forward to hanging out with you again, soon! Big hugs to you, Sweetie!

Well THANK YOU Dee and I too had a blast hanging out and I can't wait to do it again.

Part of receiving the award is sharing it with 7 other people, and then sharing 7 things about yourself...

The 7 Beautiful Bloggers that I would like to share this with are:

To Lizzie who's blog is a constant stop on my daily blog journey. Her work is incredible and inspiring. I also want to congratulate her on the birth of her son Jax yesterday.

To Angie who's blog is so pretty and inspiring. I met Angie over at Cafemom and I love seeing the progression of her talent. Her work is wonderful.

To Heather over at I am so glad that I have got to know you. I love seeing your layouts and cards. I wish that I lived over by you and Cass so that I could get together with you guys too.

To my dear friend Cassandra Thank you so much for being my friend and letting me vent ot you. You are a talented crafter and a wonderful person. I am inspired by you. I wished we lived closer so that I could actually talk to you in person and not on FB. LOL. Hugs to you and thanks for your support recently.

To Norma Jean I had the wonderfuol pleasure of working with Norma on the TGF Royal Battle as a part of the Farmaholics team. Thank you so much for that I had fun. You are very talented and a great person. I am glad to know you.

To Jenn who I also had the pleasure of teaming up with as part of the TGF Royal Battle challenge. I enjoyed being on the team with you. I love the simplicity of your creations because to me it lets the meaning of the cards shine through.

To CraftyKat You have been a long time follower of mine and I greatly appreciate your support. I also am a fan of your work as well. Thanks.

And now for 7 things about me...

1. I hate tomatoes and onions but I like salsa and spaghetti and onion rings. Go figure.

2. I read at least one book a week. I am a huge fan of reading and I read all sorts of fictional work

3. My fave movie is Gone with the Wind. I would love to go down south and tour Tara.

4. I am obsessed with snowmen and my husband has banned all things snowmen because of it. I went a little overboard one year decorating, LOL.

5. I am allergic to chocolate and caffiene.

6. I loathe and despise cleaning.

7. I would love to be a stay at home mom.

Well now you know a bit more about me and aren't you glad you do. LOL.

For those of you I passed this award onto, you deserve it and keep up the good work. You are all inspirations to me.


Toothy said...

OMG, thank you for the award. All of you ladies are so talented and all from cafemom, I see a pattern here. LOL Your #1 about onions and tomatoes is exactly like me, but I can eat salsa, chili, spagheti and onion rings but don't put them on my burger or salad lol. I think I would be so skinny if I was allergic to caffeine and chocolate, uh and cheese too. haha