Thursday, March 8, 2012


Hey there everyone. I have finally gone and did it. I have made my very first SMASH page. Now I don't actually have a Smashbook but my dear friends over at SMASH*aholics on FB said that I didn't need a book and that I could make my own. Well being that I am a bargain person I figured I could manage that.

I decided to make my first book about random things about me and what I love. Well I love everything about the band MUSE. I think they are amazing musicians and I could not wait to smash about it. I used some fun colorful paper since they like to have lots of color in their band art. Then I just printed off soem of my favorite lyrics to the songs Super Massive Black Hole, Starlight, and Undisclosed Desires. I attached the band logo and my ticket from the concert I went to. Then I had fun doodling and adding buttons for dimension.

I am also entering this into a challenge for the Smash Hop going on.