Wednesday, July 21, 2010


OK so it seems like many of my friends are doing this post "What is on Your Work Desk Wednesday" so I thought it might be fun to get in on it.

Here are 2 pics of what is going on on my desk. I am actively working on some cards that at this time shall remain a secret. Therefore I have turned the colored images around so that you can't see them. Hee-Hee. I also have a partially colored TGF Cheeky Girl that I am trying to find the right paper to work with.

This is a full s hot of my crafty station since I don't think I have shared it before. I need to do some serious reorganizing of it. I am having issues finding stuff. I just did the top 2 shelves on on unit and the top shelf on the other. Now its time to work on the rest. Ugg

Well thanks for looking.


Carisa said...

great desk!!! i see one of my cards i sent ya! LOVE that - your organization is great too. mine is a mess - i actually forgot to post mine today - will do in a bit.